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Jason Dottley Debuts "$20 Million Dollar" Music Video as Single Breaks Top 40 Radio

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Updated 2:43 PM CDT, Fri, October 30,2015

As 3-Time Top 25 Billboard Dance/Electronic star Jason Dottley’s new single “Cocaine and Whiskey” gains three adds on Top 40 Radio stations across the U.S., he releases his world-record setting music video, co-starring millions of dollars in exotic cars and drag superstar Pandora Boxx.

New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/30/2015 -- At 4:20 p.m. yesterday, after claiming three adds on Top 40 radio stations across the U.S., Top 25 Billboard hit making Prince of Electro-Pop Jason Dottley released his music video for his new single "Cocaine and Whiskey."

"It was 4:20, I was high off the excitement and I couldn't help myself!" The video co-stars millions of dollars worth of exotic cars and drag superstar Pandora Boxx.

Jason Dottley's face will look familiar to anyone who saw him in his starring role as "Ty" in "Sordid Lives: the Series". The international hit television show aired in 16 countries and is now a favorite on Hulu. His fans have followed him from TV to his mega-successful career as an independent music artist who has tallied up three Top 25 Billboard hits in five years. "Cocaine and Whiskey" is wildly infectious, and that has been proven week after week with each new Top 40 national radio add it receives. The song sits on the playlists of WAZO 107.5 North Carolina, 105.9 WILN Florida, and KISR 93.7 Arkansas playing in between Taylor Swift, One Direction, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, and The Weeknd.

"I got a call about Island 106 wanting to add it, which led to Sam Kaiser, who is one of the most respected an successful national radio promoters in the business calling and then taking on my project. Now about three weeks later, I'm on Top 40 radio in three states, with the big boys," says Dottley. From the look of things, Dottley only appears to be going up.

"Madonna and I share the same dance record promoter. Does it get much better than that?" Jason Dottley confesses.

The world-record setting music video features some of the most expensive and rare exotic luxury cars in the world, valued between $15M and $20M. The list includes: a McLaren 650, the Lamborghini Aventador, the Bentley GTR-3, the Rolls Royce Ghost, the Ferrari 458, the Lamborghini Huracán, the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, and a tricked out Porsche GT3s owned by a group of women who go by #HeelsAndClutch.

"I called my Producer, Brandi Irwin at Rapid Ascension Media, and said that I needed a Lamborghini for my video. In typical Brandi fashion, instead of one, she delivered nearly 30 exotic cars to my shoot," said Dottley

"Jason is truly a talented artist who deserves the world," said Brandi Irwin, Director/Producer. She backed up her sentiment by giving him the most expensive collection of exotic cars ever in one video. The production's record-setting feat was featured in Yahoo! Finance.

The yellow Lamborghini that Dottley drives in the music video may look familiar because Nicki Minaj just used it in her "Night is Still Young" video. His gorgeous blonde leading lady probably rings a bell as well. She is one of the world's most famous drag queens, from "RuPaul's Drag Race," Pandora Boxx. The Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive signs will bring back memories of "Clueless", and Dottley's sleek GQ superstar new look reminiscent of Don Johnson's fabulous "Miami Vice" days are all details that were done with great intention.

"Setting a world record in the process…that was a surprise!" ~Jason Dottley

Combining the fictional nature of music videos with a reflective capturing of how reality obsessed celebrity culture has become, the cameramen film Dottley and the hysteria around him everywhere he goes. Shooting with four Red Cameras, 4k cameras mounted on some of the vehicles, and a drone, the feel of this video moves from music video, to reality TV, to paparazzi perspective, sewn together with a club performance. All of this is opposite the insanity of a fleet of 30 exotic luxury cars flying through Beverly Hills with Jason Dottley either driving or hanging out the passenger side of a few Lamborghinis.

Dottley and the exotic cars were not the only stars of the music video. Jason explains, "From my Prada loafers, to my $20,000 Rolex, and Louis Vuitton glasses, everything had to be the absolute best for my '$20 million dollar' music video! Pandora Boxx is the Ferrari of drag, so I had to have her as well, and she's stunning!"

"Cocaine and Whiskey" is a mainstream pop song with a touch of rock, much different from Dottley's previous singles. It premiered on the radio Oct 1, 2015. Throughout Dottley's career, he's never had a single taken to Top 40 radio, and this one took itself. Sam Kaiser, whose legendary career includes programming for MTV in its heyday of the late 80's, has taken Dottley and "Cocaine and Whiskey" under his wings. Kaiser, who knows a hit when he hears one says:

"'Cocaine and Whiskey' reminds me of those pulse pounding back in the day plasma-charged songs with a fat, mile wide hook and devil may care attitude. Great party song, one of the best I've heard in a long time. I love how Jason taps into the vibe and attitude of that crazy era, but in his own original way. He really doesn't remind me of any other artists at the moment, which is great as this song has the shot to absolutely explode out of the radio."

Marc Summers, Program Director at Island 106 FM, the Florida Panhandle's #1 Top 40 station, has been an avid supporter of this track from the beginning. "Don't overthink this… Eric Clapton made 'Cocaine' a radio hit 30 years ago. Play this song, your audience will be hooked! Every time we spin it, the request line rings."

Famed music critic Michael Cooke asserts, "Jason Dottley doubles down with his latest single "Cocaine & Whiskey", which is a sultry & industrial track, detailing a night that got wonderfully out of control. A harder edged sound for one of the premier male voices in dance music."

"I adore Jason and was thrilled to work on this video. I mean, sports cars, a hot guy and paparazzi? Sign me up!" says Pandora Boxx.

The release party for "Cocaine and Whiskey" will be held tonight at Fiesta LaRoyale, in downtown Panama City, Florida, hosted by Jason Dottley with a screening of the video around 11:00 p.m.

"I wanted to have my release party in Panama City, where I call home part of the year. So in keeping with the theme of 'only the best for Jason,' I chose Fiesta Royale because it's the best LGBT nightlife destination in the Florida panhandle," said Dottley.

Click here to check out the "Cocaine and Whiskey" Official Music Video.

The single is available for download on iTunes.

Dottley begins his "Just Say No" nationwide tour to promote "Cocaine and Whiskey" starting in mid-December with over 40 cities planned.

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