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The Lesbians Who Tech Philadelphia Chapter Announces Their March 2016 Happy Hour

The Lesbians Who Tech Philadelphia Chapter is excited to announce that their next happy will be on Wednesday, March 16, from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM. Lesbians Who Tech is a global organization that focuses on connecting women in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community who either work in, or love, the technology field. The City Director of the Philadelphia Chapter is CJ Bachmann, VP of Operations at Digital Agency, and she invites everybody and anybody with a passion for technology to join them this March.

A Transgender Journey: When Our Son Became a Daughter - Dr. Suzanne B. Phillips with Author Jane Baker and Dr. Antonia Caretto

LogoJane Baker is the author of the Memoir, Trading Places When Our Son Became a Daughter. In this important book, Jane Baker tells the story of supporting her adult child through gender transition while struggling to overcome deep personal anguish about it.

Anti LGBT Protest at Redondo Union High in Redondo Beach Set for Jan 11 with Counter Protest

LogoWestboro Baptist Church is set to assemble outside of a local school to protest against gays and lesbians to students/faculty at the school. The protest is announced to take place in front of Redondo Beach High located at 1 Sea Hawk Way, Redondo Beach, CA 90277 on Monday, Jan. 11, 2016.

Equally Wed Features Premiere Services for Gay Marriage in Australia

LogoIn just one short year, Equally Wed has become the premiere website featuring gay marriage in Australia services. Launched in April 2014, the site was voted the Number One Gay Wedding Directory in Australia for 2015, serving the needs of the LGBT community in Australia and New Zealand.

Washburn Law Firm, PLLC Launches Website Dedicated to Same-Sex Family Law

The past few years have marked a number of milestones for same-sex families throughout the United States, the most significant of which could be considered official recognition of marriage. While this movement changes the landscape of American families, it has also brought about a number of additional legal concerns among those in the community. In light of these developments, Jack Munsey of Greenville-based Washburn Law Firm, PLLC has launched a new website dedicated to LGBT and Same Sex Family Law.

Sunset Walk-in Healthcare and Occupational Medicine Wins Patient Choice Award West Hollywood 2015

LogoSunset Walk-In Healthcare and Occupational Medicine Clinic and John Foster, MD of West Hollywood has been exclusively selected as a winner of Opencare's Patient Choice Awards! Sunset Walk-In Healthcare ranks among the top five in the West Hollywood area.

Rowman & Littlefield Launches "Lesbian Love Addiction" by Dr. Lauren Costine

Lesbian Love Addiction: Understanding the Urge to Merge and How to Heal When Things Go Wrong, written by Dr. Lauren Costine, sheds light on the reasons why so many lesbian relationships fail, and gives hope to women who are having difficulty in a same-sex partnership or marriage. Lesbian Love Addiction offers insight for lesbians, bisexual women in relationships with women, and more specifically, any woman who loves women, as well as their family and friends, and healthcare professionals, into the psychology of lesbian love addiction. Countless books have been written to guide heterosexual love addicts; a handful have been geared towards gay men, but none have directly addressed the issues faced by women who love women. Dr. Costine will give lesbians who struggle with and suffer from love addiction ways to understand, cope and heal.

Dottley's Record-Setting "$20 Million Dollar" Music Video Gets Facebook Exclusive as Single Breaks Top 40 Radio

LogoAs 3-Time Top 25 Billboard Dance/Electronic star Jason Dottley's new single "Cocaine and Whiskey" gains three adds on Top 40 Radio stations across the U.S., he releases his world-record setting music video co-starring millions of dollars in exotic cars and drag superstar Pandora Boxx, as a Facebook Video Exclusive.

Leron Kattan Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Introduce LK's Pride Jewelry Collection

LogoLeron Kattan is in the process of creating a line of specially designed engagement rings for the transgender community. Materials used in all his products are ethically created, mined and manufactured. There will be engagement rings available for any budget. Most importantly, ten percent of the profits earned by LK's Pride Jewelry Collection will be contributed to various organizations working on transgender rights and an organization that fights for human rights, equality and dignity on the job for food workers in New York. Leron hopes that this project will also help him build a hospital for the poor in Los Angeles and New York and other parts of America.

Pakin Entertainment to Celebrate Indie Music Artist Jameh's Album Release at December Bash

LogoIndie music artist Jameh will be center stage at a December launch party for her newly released album "I Can Only Be Me". Known for their dynamic South Florida music events, Pakin Entertainment will host the limited seating RSVP only party. Beginning at 9 p.m. the indie music event will include free food, drinks, and a live performance by the artist herself.

Where's MY Book? a Guide for Transgender & Gender Non-Conforming Youth, Their Parents, & Everyone Else on Sale This November

Youth and families wrestling with transgender issues need specialized information. Board certified family physician Linda Gromko MD has written a ground-breaking work: Where's MY Book? A Guide for Transgender & Gender Non-Conforming Youth, Their Parents, & Everyone Else. Never before has a book provided such specific anatomical and psychological information for this population. Where's MY Book? will be available on as a paperback and e-book this November (ISBN-10 0982514379 and ISBN-13 978-0-09825143-7-5).

Jason Dottley Debuts "$20 Million Dollar" Music Video as Single Breaks Top 40 Radio

LogoAt 4:20 p.m. yesterday, after claiming three adds on Top 40 radio stations across the U.S., Top 25 Billboard hit making Prince of Electro-Pop Jason Dottley released his music video for his new single "Cocaine and Whiskey."

The Lesbians Who Tech Philadelphia Chapter Announces Their November Happy Hour

Following the highly-successful Tech & Innovation Summit in New York City, the Lesbians Who Tech Philadelphia Chapter is ready to host their next local happy hour event. Featuring TED-style talks, workshops on networking, coding and a plethora of other tech-related topics, as well as a Hackathon, the second annual Lesbians Who Tech Summit presented attendees with a multitude of growth opportunities that they are eager to share with the members of the Philadelphia chapter that were unable to attend. The Lesbians Who Tech (and friends) Philadelphia // November Happy Hour will also present fresh topics on current technology-related areas of interest and the future of all things tech.

Award Winning Photographer and Activist Robin Hammond Joins VoiceAmerica Host Cheryl Jones on Good Grief Radio

LogoCheryl Jones, host of Good Grief radio, is proud to announce that her guest for October 7, 2015 will be Robin Hammond. A renowned photographer with work in National Geographic and many other major publications, Robin met LGBTI people during his travels across the globe who were suffering extreme persecution as a result of their sexual or gender identity. Moved to make a difference, Robin created Where Love is Illegal, an ever expanding collection of photographs and stories about the people he met. Impassioned about social justice, the project is part of his Witness Change non-profit, producing storytelling on seldom-addressed human rights abuses to transform opinions, open minds and change policies. The project has been featured by National Geographic and was on the cover of Time Magazine on June 15, 2015.

What Enters Your Mind when You Hear the Phrase "Strictly Taboo"?

LogoThe transgender community has rarely seen the spotlight throughout the history of cinema, but in a moving twist, Strictly Taboo: A film noir transgender love story, is ready to break the status quo. The social issues surrounding the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community are diminishing slowly as their exposure becomes more frequent. Strictly Taboo has embraced the unspoken challenges of an intimate relationship between a heterosexual man and a transgender woman in the modern world.

The Lesbians Who Tech New York Summit Presents a Great Opportunity for Tech-Loving LGBT Women

Lesbians Who Tech, the globally renowned organization that focuses on connecting technology-focused women in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community, is hosting their second annual Summit in New York City, from October 1-4, 2015. The 4-day event is designed to emphasize the incredible women who cleared the path for more equality, as well as the newest generation of technological leaders. The City Director of the Lesbians Who Tech Philadelphia Chapter, CJ Bachmann, will be proudly attending the 2015 Summit to lend the City of Brotherly Love's support to the noteworthy occasion.

Supreme Court Ruling Makes Way for Same Sex Marriage and Other Family Rights

The Supreme Court declared on Friday, June 26 in a landmark 5-4 decision that same sex couples have a right to marry anywhere in the United States. Gay and lesbian couples had marriage rights in 36 states as well as the District of Columbia. Friday's ruling means same sex marriage bans must be lifted in the remaining 14 states.

Gear Up for the Lesbians Who Tech NYC Summit at Their Philadelphia Happy Hour

The Lesbians Who Tech organization focuses on helping women in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community connect with each other both individually, as like-minded lovers of all things tech, as well as professionally as a growing network of mentors and business investors. The group's founder, Leanne Pittsford, hosted the first Lesbians Who Tech happy hour after noticing how few technologically focused women were active in the community as mentors and role-models. The happy hours concentrate on the goal of improving that statistic, and have become renowned for their ability to reach out to gay women in the industry and create meaningful interactions and tech-related connections. Those interactions also help the organization better meet the needs of their members, as well as provide crowdsourced information that can help make their NYC Summit a success. In that regard, a new Lesbians Who Tech (and friends) Philadelphia August Happy Hour will take place August 27, 2015, from 5pm until 7pm, to gear up for and encourage participation in the upcoming Summit.

Detours Gay Adventure Travel Announce Their New Spanish Group Trips 2016

Detours Travel, the Gay Adventure Tour Operator has announced they are launching a 5th destination with 12-day group trips starting in Spain in May 2016. The new destination will give their loyal customers more adventure holiday destinations to choose from.

Gay Marriage from the Inside Out: Meet Two Diverse Couples Who Will Share Their Journey with Us

LogoOn Tuesday, July 14, 3-4 pm Pacific, host Beth Green will be interviewing two gay couples about the recent Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage throughout the nation. The topic won't focus on the fight for the right to marry. It will focus on the impact of legalization on gay people themselves.

Canadian Rockies International Rodeo and Music Festival Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Funds

LogoThe Alberta Rockies Gay Rodeo Association is a non-for-profit, volunteer organization whose focus is on making communities better places for everyone.  ARGRA fights to protect rural youth who do not have extensive LGBT resources as those do who are in the cities, offering a local camp that is a safe zone for these young people along with a rodeo school for training in cowboy and cowgirl techniques.  One of the events that helps support these efforts is the annual Canadian Rockies International Rodeo and Music Festival.

Same-Sex Marriage Decision Stimulates Adoption Numbers in Texas Despite Governor's Actions Reports

The Governor of Texas has signed into a law a bill ensuring religious ministers of all faiths can refuse to officiate gay marriages following the SCOTUS bill to legalize marriage for all, claiming "religious freedom is beyond the reach of government or coercion by the court", with the Texas attorney general claiming that the decision was made "in the face of increasing hostility toward people of faith in all walks of life". Despite this, many still celebrated the decision, and adoption In Texas has observed a spike in adoption enquiries, showing the decision gives hope of a family to thousands of children without one.

Changes to Tax Code Following Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Decision

On Friday, the Supreme Court of the United States issued an epic 5-4 decision in Obergefell v. Hodges. The opinion of the court was that it is the legal duty of all states to issue a marriage license to a couple (of legal age) wishing to obtain one, regardless of gender and sexual orientation. The decision, in other words, made same-sex marriage legal on a federal level; states will no longer be able to deny same-sex couples the right to marry – if they do, they'll be in violation of federal law.

Elope to Gatlinburg Celebrates Marriage Equality by Welcoming Same Sex Marriages in Tennessee

Gatlinburg is the most popular location for elopements outside Las Vegas. However, unlike Vegas, Gatlinburg offers authenticity and stunning natural beauty with the gorgeous Smoky Mountains as the backdrop. Elope to Gatlinburg is a company that specializes in organizing full wedding packages for those who wish for a stress-free wedding day, for couples with up to forty guests. Same sex marriage has just been legalized nationwide by the Supreme Court of the United States, and Elope to Gatlinburg is inviting couples of all orientations to celebrate by getting married in one of several picturesque locations.

Texas Resists Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Marriage

LogoIn a historic case decision, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 on Friday, June 26, 2015 that it is the legal right of all Americans—regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation—to seek a marriage license from the state in which they live. While the Supreme Court's decision has been hailed by many as a long-awaited triumph for civil rights, many others—including some lawmakers in Texas—believe that the decision is a violation of states' rights.